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What We Do

Welcome to Swaali! We are an ethnic emporium that offers premium quality and mesmerizing fabrics used primarily by African, Middle Eastern and European designers and fashion enthusiasts.

Our products range from Hand Embroidered Indian Lace to Kaftans and from Bespoke George Wrappers to Blouse materials.

We believe in continually designing and innovating our fabrics to keep alive the Ethnicity and Uniqueness of Traditional fabrics in this modern world. We manufacture according to the latest trends, with an eye to detail and unlimited possibilities for customisation.

We stock a wealth of traditional ethnic fabrics, all manufactured in India, that are used worldwide for couture, traditional clothing.

We have a well-versed team of designers are craftsmen who create beautiful and unique fabrics. Our objective is to give you products that embody your uniqueness without compromising on quality and service.