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Bespoke Wrapper Design # 9457 - Royal Blue - With Contast Blouse

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Brand Swaali
SKU: GMT9457RB12

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This royal blue bespoke wrapper is for the royals. The cream and white embroidery makes the blue of the poly silk taffeta shimmer. The peacock feather motif with white stones and pearls stun the beholder. The stones and pearls on the reverse heart motif along the border enhance the beauty of the wrapper. The standout feature of the wrapper set with blouse is the contrast provided by the blouse’s cream fabric set off with peacock feather motif embroidery in royal blue supported by stones.

- Above wrapper comes in 5 yards with 1.6 Yards of contrast blouse along.

Presented in beautiful Royal blue colour.

What so special about our product?

-The variety material design is not been repeated and comes a unique

 handcrafted embroidery .