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Handmade Wrapper Design # 6500 - Bottle Green - With Contrast Blouse

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Brand Swaali
SKU: GMT6500BG12

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This bottle green poly silk taffeta fabric of this handmade wrapper provides a somber façade when worn with the contrast blouse. Peacock feather motifs run along the large border festooned with pearls and gold thread embroidery. Smaller motifs cover the body. If you want more sparkle in your wrapper you can try the purple or even the wine handmade wrapper available with the same elegant motifs and contrast blouses.

-This Wrapper is 5 yards with 1.6 Yards of Contrast Blouse.

- Silk Taffeta 

-Presented in Bottle Green colour.

What so special about our product ?

- We don't repeat our unique designs and specially handcrafted in India.