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Handmade Wrapper Design # 6537 - Aqua Blue - With Blouse

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Brand Swaali
SKU: GMT6537QB11

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For sophistication, elegance and charm you can’t beat this aqua blue poly silk taffeta handmade wrapper. Its border is a mélange of colors and patterns – magenta embroidery, pearls and white and yellow stones. Even the body fabric comprises smaller arrangement of magenta embroidery, pearls and stones in circular patterns. The poly silk taffeta blouse with matching patterns is a fitting complement. The wrapper is also available in coffee brown, fuchsia pink, purple and wine colors.

-This Wrapper is 5 yards with 1.6 Yards of Blouse.

-Silk taffeta.

-Presented in Aqua Blue colour.

What so special about our product ?

- We don't repeat our unique designs and specially handcrafted in India.