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Handmade Wrapper Design # 6537 - Coffee Brown - With Blouse

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Brand Swaali
SKU: GMT6537CB11

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Gold stones and pearls embedded in circular and angular embroidery symbolize power and harmony. This is exactly what this coffee brown poly silk taffeta handmade wrapper represents, and the coffee brown mellows it to also symbolize friendliness. A string of pearls at the edge of the border and white pearls placed in small concentric circles on the fabric complete the picture of friendliness. A matching blouse complements the wrapper. You can get the wrapper in fuchsia pink, aqua blue, purple and wine colors as well.      

-This Wrapper is 5 yards with 1.6 Yards of Contrast Blouse.

-Silk taffeta.

-Presented in Coffee Brown colour.

What so special about our product ?

- We don't repeat our unique designs and specially handcrafted in India.