Handmade Wrapper Design # 6537 - Fuchsia Pink - With Blouse

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$143.90 $79.00

Brand Swaali
SKU: GMT6537FP11


Combine the color of fuchsia pink and circles and angles and you get the romantic, passionate and charming combining with power and harmony. This exotic poly silk taffeta handmade wrapper titillates the senses with its powerful geometric embroidered patterns embedded with stones and pearls. The patterns on a much smaller scale scatter across the fabric. The handmade wrapper comes with a blouse. If you want more sober tones you can choose from coffee brown, aqua blue, purple and wine colors handmade wrappers too.      

-This Wrapper is 5 yards with 1.6 Yards of Contrast Blouse.

-Silk taffeta.

-Presented in Fuchsia Pink colour.

What so special about our product ?

- We don't repeat our unique designs and specially handcrafted in India.