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Handmade Wrapper Design # 6545 - Black - With Blouse

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Brand Swaali
SKU: GMT6545BK11

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Black is the color of mystery. If you want to pose a conundrum, this enigmatic ash poly silk taffeta handmade wrapper is just right for you. The wrapper compounds the mystery through its embroidered motifs – a mixture of mango, flowers and leaves. The handiwork of innovative Indian artisans is visible as the gold and white embroidery merges with stones and pearls. A matching blouse completes the mystery. This wrapper come in four other colors – burnt orange, fuchsia pink, Nigerian green and teal green.      


-This Wrapper is 5 yards with 1.6 Yards of Blouse.

-Silk taffeta.

-Presented in Black colour.

What so special about our product ?

- We don't repeat our unique designs and specially handcrafted in India.